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Personal guidance and assistance

unlike other tour operators who are left on their own once they reach the airport and are only seen once in a while on tour, we provide guidance on the do’s and don’ts and assist in every single aspect like finding the nearest grocery store or recharging their mobile SIM Cards, etc.

Best Hotels

We ensure that the hotels we chose are not just the best value for money but the most comfortable and closest to both the Harams, i.e. Haram Shareef (Makkah) and Masjid Al Nabvi (Madinah) so that the pilgrims don’t have to worry about covering long distances to reach there and drain all their energies instead of utilizing it on Ibaadah.

On-tour Muallim

Unlike most other tour operators, we have not left this aspect of the tour either. You will have for company and guidance, one of the best teachers to guide you. He will ensure you are briefed on all the Arkaans, the duas to recite and all the Sunnahs while performing the pilgrimage of the life-time.

Unlimited free laundry

You don’t have to worry about having to wash your used clothes and waste your precious time on unnecessary things.

Luxurious transfers

We use the best and most modern fleet of vehicles for your internal transfers to ensure your journey is as comfortable and relaxing as possible

Sumptuous and elaborate meals

Though we do not compromise on any aspect of the tour, but the one thing that is on our top priority is to provide the most elaborate and different meals. Every meal that the Haji has on our tour leaves a lasting impression.

Complimentary ZamZam water

We understand the importance of carrying the holiest and most sacred water to the Muslims - the ZamZam and hence we have made provisions to fulfill this desire by providing 5 liters of ZamZam water per pilgrim.

Complimentary Passport case/travel bag

A complimentary passport case or travel bag per family will be provided to help you keep all your important travel related documents in one place.