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About Us

We started as a passion to provide service par excellence to tourists planning and executing their dreamvacation; to helping pilgrims seeking to embark on a spiritual journey of a life-time.

we have been instrumental in fulfilling people’s long cherished dream of living their dream on the ultimate journey with meticulous planning. It is the result of more than two decades of experience and implementation of best industry practices that has resulted in the creation of the most cost effective and complete package options on offer. Under the guidance of Maulana Zakariya Sama BA Da,wah & Osool ud Deen from Madinah Munawwara University and well wisher of Harmain Tours pledge to make this once-in-a-lifetime journey for the Hajis, the most spiritually satisfying ever.

We understand the nuances of the elements that make up a complete experience like the most direct Airline routes, visa rules, comfortable and nearest hotels, etc.; Maulana Zakariya Sama a well-known and revered figure has been a guiding force for many seeking knowledge on Deen. Over the years he has enlightened many a students with his vast knowledge on Islamic literature and the decoding the Rasool’s Sunnahs.

Harmain Tours has focused on providing the best possible services to the revered followers of ALLAH. We are a dedicated team fully committed towards providing specialized services based on our motto, “In the service of Allah”.

We ensure to deliver what we have promised or uttered. Those who have joined us bear testimony to our services